Project Conditions


For commercial/paid assignments we will beforehand agree upon a specific contract with the terms and conditions for the shoot. My rates are reasonable and depend on the assignment, location, time involved and traveling distance.


1. For TFP shoots all parties involved shall - if not expressly agreed upon otherwise - bear their own costs.  All parties will put in the necessary time, preparations and - depending on their specific expertise - product to make the project a success. I consider my time to be evenly valuable as yours, so if you want the liberty to cancel an appointment with me when a more lucrative assignment comes along please: don't contact me. 

2. If we agree upon a TFP shoot it is implied that – unless expressly agreed upon otherwise -  the photographer will arrange for a MUA/Hairstylist to assist me during the shoot.

3. I will bring a friend with me to the set. My friend will not interfere with the shooting or creative process and is available – if appreciated -for assistance. He is there for my piece of mind and safety reasons.

4. I don't have a problem with nudity but only if the pubic area is not clearly visible. If we cooperate on a project I will grant the involved parties my permission to publish, duplicate or otherwise use the pictures for their portfolio, social media and in hard copy for exposition purposes and I expect the same permission back. Credits shall be given to every participant in the project. I would like to be indicated as 'PussyGalore'. The photographer is allowed to put his logo - small - in the lower right or left corner of the picture.

5. The photographer will get my permission to edit the pictures but only in a way that my integrity as a model and a person isn't compromised. If the pictures are otherwise used or published in a(n) (on line) magazine(s) all involved parties will have to condone this. For myself I want to prevent that the picture(s) end up in a porn-like magazine or other publication. 

6. If a member of the ‘team’ commercially utilizes the pictures we shall negotiate a fair compensation for everybody depending on everyone’s effort. If one or more photos are to be sold, directly or though an art gallery, I' ll have the right to acquire a copy for the net cost price (photo processing, printing, framing, etc.). No work hours, profit margin or gallery fee. The selling price, minus any publication costs, is to be evenly devided over the team members.

7. If there is an opportunity of publication of the pictures in a(n) (online) magazine or on a website the photographer shall cooperate by, among other things, providing the pictures to the editors of the magazine or website in the requested (digital) size for publication but also for evaluation. All parties will give their cooperation to an aditional model release within de boundaries of these conditions.  The photos cannot be sold to pay sites like Suicide Girls of Imaginary Tease etc. 

8. Within 2 weeks after the photoshoot I'd like to receive all pictures in a low-res format via WeTransfer/Dropbox for evaluation. In consultation we will determine which pictures qualify for further editing. I expect a professional editing; any moles, stripes and other unevennesses are to be removed to a level of the practice of an expert fashion photographer. I respect the professional skills of the photographer but reserve the right to 'veto' a picture if it contains elements that are unacceptable for me and can't be edited away.

9. Out of the selected pictures I can choose a minimum of 6 high res digital copies to recieve in the resolution 3508 pixels X 4961 pixels @ 300dpi (A3). I would like to receive these copies within three months after the shoot. 

10. If clothing and accessories for the photo shoot are provided for free by a designer or shop I reserve the right to give one or more of these high res copies to them for promotional purposes .

Foto: Jelle Mollema