Model: Pussy Galore - Photographer: Rick Arnold - Styling: Pussy Galore

A chance encounter with a tattooed lady on De Kaap provided the starting point for this book by photographer Rick Arnold. Ink Issues contains portraits of around 30 ladies and their stories. They have one obvious thing in common: lots of large tattoos in a vintage style. In order to further emphasize that style, the photographer decided to use a fixed location: Hotel Breitner in Rotterdam. In Rick's view, the authenticity of Hotel Breitner symbolizes the heritage of Rotterdam. It is the combination of the vintage look of the tattoos and the hotel rooms that makes the images so special. Rick relates: "I have seen lots of photo projects on this subject. The biggest challenge was to find my own angle. I think I succeeded. The photos strike a balance between powerful, vulnerable and seductive. The ladies are captured as themselves, in their own styles." The inked skin is not only pleasing to the eye, there are also some extraordinary stories behind the tattoos. They provide an insight into underlying motives and a glimpse of what for many is an unknown world.

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